Hello HyperGonix Adventurers,

I am glad to inform you that HyperGonix is now under new management due to the sad departure of Sergeant. We are looking to launch HyperGonix with tons of fun and unique features for the community to enjoy. Along side me, I will be joined by my two esteemed colleagues, CraftBukkitAPI & ItchyShlong. They will be taking the main positions in this project as Owners. All of us in the past have been involved with some successful servers in the past and we 100% understand what we are doing. We hope to make HyperGonix the same!

ItchyShlong - He is the Managing Director & Project Manager of this server. He will be observing the team and making important server decisions for us as a team. He will be ensuring full satisfaction for all of the players at all times.

CraftBukkitAPI - He is the Project Manager & Lead Project Developer. He will be adding fun weekly updates and fixing minor bugs we may occur along the way! He will ensure the 100% up-time of the server.

StrafeAndChill - I am the Head of Staff & Community Manager of HyperGonix. I will ensure to constantly interact with the community, listening to what you guys want. I will also be recruiting new staff and handling them on a daily basis.

We hope you are all happy with this smooth management transition! We are aiming to release within a few weeks / few months. If you have any questions or issues regarding HyperGonix or this post please DM me and I will reply shortly. I would like to thank CraftBukkitAPI & IcthyShlong for this opportunity and I cannot wait until we launch.

Kind Regards,

(HyperGonix Manager)​